Saturday, July 23, 2016

New Obsession: The CrossFit Games

Earlier this week I left work with a pounding headache, came home and wanted nothing more than to dive into a giant tub of chocolate, caramel, vanilla, fudge, brownie, choc-chip ice-cream... but I didn't. I'm trying to refocus on my health and fitness at the moment and filling myself up with sugar would definitely have turned out to be a regret once the sugar rush wore off.
Instead, I turned to Netflix, hoping to stumble upon something to distract me from my headache, or at the least something I could nap through.
Enter, The 2015 CrossFit Games
From second one of this documentary/sports program I was hooked! The muscles, the talent, the skill, the caluses, the pain, the effort, the excitement... I loved it!
Now, let's just be clear here. I do NOT do CrossFit, I have never even stepped foot inside a CrossFit gym. I do not lift weights, hell at the moment I pretty much almost never even exercise, but this event was absolutely captivating.
After enjoying it so much I needed more and so went on the hunt for more CrossFit Games goodness, only to find that the 2016 Games are happening right now! Ofcourse, I have now watched all the 'Road to The Games' youtube videos and have a clear vision of who I'm cheering for this year (example: Kara Webb - Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!).
I am absolutely baffled by my love for all things CrossFit Games, but I had to share in case anyone else out there finds themselves on the hunt for some unexpected Netflix gold!

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