Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Television Commerical

Way back in 2008 I managed to score myself a paid role in a television commercial.
Today I finally found a copy of it on YouTube.
At the time I was working as a full-time live-in nanny and had a bit of spare time during the day when the kids were at school/day-care or napping. I wanted to get into more acting and so I did a bit of work as an unpaid extra on some short films around Canberra and then stumbled upon a casting call for a paid commercial.
I was so nervous walking into the audition, which was held at the office of the production company. I had close to zero experience and knew nothing about what was involved in trying out for a real acting gig.
Thankfully, the audition was fairly stress free as I simply learnt more about the job, answered some questions and only had to do a small amount of acting to camera. If I remember correctly, I was asked to hold giant fake teeth and pretend I was a teacher taking a lesson on dental hygiene (actually not sure I did this too well, as that's not the part I ended up getting).
Anyway, flash forward to the shoot date. It was held at a real dental surgery (where years later I also had my wisdom teeth removed, fun fact!). There was a makeup artist, food provided, contracts to sign... very professional stuff!
I was probably there for around 2.5 hours and spent maybe half an hour "acting".
See if you can spot me in the clip.
Did you? Did you? Did you spot my 2 second appearance?
Well, stop the video at:
- 0:08 seconds. That's me being an awesome dental student.
- 0:09 seconds. That's me passing the scalpel.
- 0:13 seconds. That's me standing in the dark at the very front, pretending to be doing important dentist stuff.
Some pretty impressive acting going on, am I right!?!
What blasts from the past have you received recently?
Ever been in a TVC of your own?
Anyone casting directors out there want to make me star?
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