Saturday, June 25, 2016


On Thursday night I went along to the Canberra Vinnie's CEO Sleepout as a Social Media Volunteer.
It was a fantastic opportunity to be involved in the event live tweeting the night on Twitter, meeting the CEOs participating, and attending the informative presentation given by Vinnie's and their guests.
The CEOs beds for the night. Each CEO was given 3 pieces of cardboard to sleep on for the night.
It was a COLD, windy, rain filled night and it was inspiring to see over 100 CEOs out in the elements raising awareness and funds for homelessness.
The highlight of the night for me was definitely getting to sit in on the presentation portion of the night. I was able to gain insight into how Vinnie's use the funds raised from this event to support their work including the Night Patrol van, Clemente program and much more! Questacon, the host for the night, even presented a short science show for us all about the cold with an impressive liquid nitrogen and boiling water explosion for real impact!
The showstopper though, was definitely, Carol Boucher, a graduate of the Clemente program, who shared her personal story, displaying strength, grit and courage and managing to inspire, move and connect with every single person in that room. It was a truly touching presentation and an excellent reminder of why we were all there and what we were aiming to raise awareness and funds for.
Left to Right: Catherine Rey before we skyped with kids sleeping out at St John Paul College, some of the CEOs in the theatre, Carol Boucher, Top individual fundraiser Grant Tidswell accepting his winners pillow.
I'm so glad I was able to help with this event, if only in such a small way and am so proud of all the CEOs from all over Australia for giving up their time.
 While many of us may never know what it is truly like to be homeless, the awareness and money this campaign raises can only be a positive!

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