Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Recount via Teacher Memes

Two weeks in a row with no blog post and I almost made it a third, as I'm writing this post at the last second for my scheduled Saturday posting slot.
I could write you a novel on all the tasks that have been keeping me away, but basically I can summarise it one word, 'work'. Or with slightly more elaboration, 'the life of a teacher during report writing season'.
So instead of boring you with every last detail of my current work life, I thought I'd instead give you a little insight through the medium of memes, enjoy!

Hopefully I will actually do something interesting with my life at some point in the near future and actually have some more exciting blog content to share soon!
Note: Images found Pinterest. Locating correct sources for memes is a nightmare, and I apologise for not being able to provide sources. If a meme on this page, belongs to you please let me know and I will happily credit it!

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