Saturday, April 30, 2016

Birthday: Photo Post.

Somehow I have now found myself on the other side of 25.
When did this happen?
How did I reach this seemingly mature and grown up, adult age so suddenly?
Wasn't I just 19, at university, going out every night and sleeping in til 12 everyday, last week!?!
I think I say it every year on my birthday, but man, I'm getting old ;)
My family took me out for dinner whilst I was home on school holidays for an early birthday.
We went to Pier One in Merimbula and dined on Oysters Kilpatrick, Garlic Bread and I had the Pork Belly with apple coleslaw, mustard mash potato and apple puree.
My meal was delicious! That piece of pork belly was the best I have ever had. So soft underneath and perfectly crunchy on top. The potato was amazing with the mustard flavour perfectly complimenting the creamy potato. Unfortunately, the coleslaw and it's lack of dressing was the only let down on my plate.

When we got home from dinner, my Mum had catered for her immature adult daughter with my favourite Freddo Ice Cream cake!
My actual birthday occurred on a work/school day and I got soooo spoily by all the staff and students. The photo above shows my desk when I first arrived and it put a huge smile on my face that did not budge for the rest of the day.

For birthday dinner I invited a few of my close friends out to The Hamlet in Braddon, Canberra. The Hamlet is an awesome venue full of food vans and street food. I indulged in a BrodDog hot dog which you can see above. It's toppings included Tomato sauce, cheese, coleslaw, corn relish, bacon and sweet potato shavings... Yum! It was a lovely meal, with awesome company and I once again got totally spoilt by my amazing friends.
Basically, I walked away from my birthday feeling like the luckiest girl alive to have so many thoughtful, caring and just plain wonderful, friends, co-workers, students and family in my life!

 photo reality-sig_zps4236dd0c.jpg

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