Saturday, March 12, 2016

Positive Vibes.

This year I set the intention to be positive.
To complain less, seize the moment, embrace the good in every day.
And I am trying. I really truly am.
But, the whinging has started. Particularly at work, about things I can't change and things that sometimes aren't even as bad as I make them out to be. I get tired, and I complain. It's almost second nature. I feel myself slipping into negativity but struggle to turn my mood around.
It's exactly why I chose the word 'positive', to remind myself I don't want to be a negative nancy. I want to focus on what IS working, what IS going right, things I DO have control over.
So I will continue to work on changing my inner dialogue and outward complaining.
Meanwhile, I'm always drawn to a good quote to influence my mood.
Drop by my 'Quote Me' pinterest board to see what's been inspiring me lately.

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