Saturday, March 19, 2016

EAT Merimbula 2016

Do you ever go out for dinner and just can not decide what to order? If you're anything like me, you wish there was a way to order a little taste of each dish without having to commit to (or pay for) a whole serve of each.
Enter, the event EAT Merimbula where the whole idea is to buy small reasonably priced servings of all the best food the town has to offer.
Feat. Cheeky Mango Squid, Poppy's café Beef Kofta.
This year the event was BUSY! We got there right on 10 as the event started and there were already people everywhere. I've said previously that EAT would benefit from expanding the area in which it is held and this year organisers were able to do that for a small section of the event. It would be amazing if the whole street were able to be closed  for the few hours that EAT runs as it would make such a difference to being able to comfortably queue and move throughout the food stalls.
Despite how busy the event was, there did appear to be less food stalls than in previous years (read about 2015 or 2014 here). There also seemed to be quite a few dishes with tomato as a key ingredient, which unfortunately meant less options for me as I don't eat tomato.
The dishes I did get stuck into this year (or stole a taste off mum and dad's plates) included:
- Oysters with a Hot Kilpatrick topping which had a nice little spice kick to it's otherwise traditional Kilpatrick flavour.
- Cheeky Mango's salt & pepper squid.
- Poppy's café Beef Koftas. My sister works here and a sauce recipe my dad created was actually used as an accompaniment on this dish so had to taste this one!
- Free Range Catering Steamed Pork Bun with Pulled Pork.
Steamed Pork Bun with Pork Belly.
And finally my personal favourite dish of the day...
The Vicolo Trio of Arancini!
The lamb shank Arancini ball was melt in your mouth and the truffle oil on the mushroom and basil ball was the perfect flavour combination. I must admit I gave the roast tomato ball to my mum but she said it was absolutely delicious too.

Have you ever been to EAT Merimbula?
 Or does your town have a similar event? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!

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