Saturday, January 23, 2016


Last Friday night we hosted a concert in our garage!
The super sweet, bubbly, super star Fanny Lumsden and her hilarious, dad-joke telling partner Dan lit up our little old garage bringing their Under Our Hills Hoist tour right into our own home.
It was such a fun evening! Songs, stories and even a worst dad-joke competition.
We invited around 25 people over, put two BBQ's down in the backyard, provided some salad and set ourselves up on the lawn to enjoy the show.

I've been following Fanny and her music for awhile now and when she did her Country Halls Tour earlier this year I was so tempted to organise an event. But, I was busy and not quite ready to organise a whole town event on my own, so I put it off. Luckily, a few months later she started advertising her house tour and I knew I had to get onto that one! 

Most of the people we invited had never heard of Fanny before, but all walked away fans and most with a newly purchased CD in their hands too!
And as for me, I got to have my favourite artist perform right there in my own home and sing all my favourite songs and requests... amazing!

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