Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kiltynane Winery (Bellarine, Victoria)

I have (completely by accident) discovered the cutest little winery in the whole of Australia (maybe, even the world!).

You see, after Christmas my family along with my sister's boyfriend spent a week holidaying down in Geelong, exploring the Great Ocean Road and making the most of the sun shiny weather. On New Year's Day we got up early to drive my sister's boyfriend to Melbourne airport as he was headed back to the states. By the time we got back to our caravan park (it was just over an hour either way) we were all feeling more than just a tad lethargic. It was the last day of our trip, we'd seen everything we set out to see, and we were tired from forcing ourselves to stay awake for the New Year's fireworks.
However, it was a lovely day and we knew we didn't want to waste our last day holed up in our cabin. That's when I remembered that I had seen a winery online I wanted visit. But, hold the phone. They were shut. And so was the next winery we rang. And the next. And the next. And the next. We were just about to give up when my Mum stumbled upon the Kiltynane Winery website AND it was OPEN! We jumped straight in the car and off we set.
Well, it must of been fate that all the other wineries were shut because we ended up at the most adorable little winery I have ever seen!
From the tiny country charm cottage you look out over a lush green garden and across to the ocean. The vineyard grows right there beside the sitting area and between the two is a vegetable garden full of seasonal produce. We actually sat and watched staff run between the kitchen and the garden when they needed fresh produce for their platters. And, oh the platters! I'll get to the wine in a minute, but you know I love me some good food and this platter was absolutely divine. When you order you just let the staff know how many people you'd like a platter for and they pile it up with seasonal produce and locally produced goodies. The olives were the best I've ever tasted, in a subtle olive oil with a  hint of garlic flavour. Both cheeses were incredible and the freshly baked bread was a hit with everybody! My mouth is starting to water just thinking back on it.
Now, onto what you go to a winery for... WINE!
On first arriving a ordered a glass of Prosecco to have while sat and waited for the platter. It was delicious. Light and refreshing with just the right amount of bubble. I may have ordered another glass of this when the platter arrived.
While we were waiting for our food we decided to go and have a little look around at the cellar door... and ended up trying almost every wine on offer (What can I say? It was good wine!). I would have loved to a bottle of their Prosecco but unfortunately they are only able to serve it on site at this point in time, so instead I grabbed a bottle of their delicious Rose.
I wish this charming spot was closer to home so I could spend all my days basking in the sunshine with a glass of Prosecco in one hand and fist full of olives and cheese in the other. If you are ever in the Bellarine area be sure to drop by Kiltynane Winery and check it out!

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