Saturday, January 30, 2016

Guide to Life: Hen's Parties

As a single girl in my mid-20's i'm not exactly needing my own hen's party anytime soon. But, man other people's are just so much fun! After having the most amazing time this past weekend at a friend's Hen's night I decided to compile a list of a few Hen's party tips.

1. Know your Hen!
Typically, a Hen does not plan her own night. Which means it's usually up to the Maid of Honour, or Bridesmaids and while you may be a wild-all-night-at-the-strip-club kinda gal, you need to step back and work out what the Hen will enjoy doing. The easiest way to do this? Ask her! Get a feel for the activities and venues she likes and plan from there. Obviously you don't have to divulge every little detail to her, but letting her make some suggestions/choices will help keep the night suited to your Hen.
2. Consider your demographic.
Find out early who the Hen is planning to invite and keep this in mind at all times! Great Old Nanna Nancy does not want to spend the day walking from bar to bar when she can barely walk from one end of the house to other. Keep your guests ages, interests and personalities in mind at all times. You can't suit everyone but you can do your best to pick an event that everyone feels comfortable at.
3. Sort that Budget!
Again, have an idea of who you are inviting and what you think they can afford. Does everyone have to travel from far away and pay for travel and accommodation costs? Or are most people from around the area and not having to fork out for extra costs?
4. Notice! Notice! Notice!
People are generally more open to spending larger amounts of money if they can have some notice. The sooner you can let people know where you are going, what you are doing and how much it will cost, the easier it will be for guests to ensure they can make it and to start saving.
5. Go with the flow!
Don't over plan the night. You don't need to be playing games every second of the event. Let people mingle, have a dance and spend time with the Hen. The more relaxed you appear, the more your guests will feel free to enjoy the event!!
I'd love to read posts about any Hen's events you have attended (or even your own).
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