Saturday, December 5, 2015

3 Canberra Blogs to Read Now!

This year I attended my first ever blogger meet up and my first blogging workshop. Both these experiences allowed me to meet a range of awesome Canberra based bloggers and opened me up to a whole new world of Canberra blogs to read. Today I want to share with you the five that I think you need to start reading too.
Good Food Week is easily the Canberra blog that I read most. I love Shari's recipes and the insights into her life. My favourite posts of hers would have to be 'What's In My Kitchen' which always make me want to go shopping right then and there. I was also super impressed when she made a naked wedding cake for a wedding, you have to check that post out! 
I met Gina briefly at a blog meet up and grabbed a business card. I was instantly impressed by the sleek, professional design of her blog and knew I was going to enjoy the blog when I saw episode by episode recaps of the block. Style Curator is a blog all about the pursuit of a stylish home and contains great, practical advice. My favourite part of this blog has been following along with Gina's home build, so be sure to have a read!
I started reading Love Wednesday a while back and then met the lovely Jen at the Little Blog Big  workshop. The concept behind the name of this blog is that Jen makes time every Wednesday to date husband and I love reading about dates they go on and how it helps to maintain their relationship. Jen is always up to great things in and around Canberra, so make sure you have a look at her 'Things to Do' category!
There you go 3 blogs for you to get stuck into.
Do you read any Canberra based blogs? Or are you a Canberra blogger?
Feel free to leave links in the comment section, I love finding new bloggers in my city!

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