Saturday, November 28, 2015

Miss Muddy Canberra

Earlier this year I was contacted by the lovely people at Miss Muddy to join them at their Canberra event for a day of fun and fitness. If you've never heard of Miss Muddy, it is an obstacle course set over a 4-5km run and held just for women. I didn't have to be asked twice to get involved in this event. The answer might have been different if I'd been contacted by tough mudder but I loved the idea of an obstacle course that was just for fun and enjoyment (rather than racing to be electrocuted!).
Miss Muddy Canberra 2015
The event (you can't really call it a race, as there is no timing and everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace) is run in timed waves and I strongly suggest that you book early to get an early start wave. We started in the 830am wave and didn't have to wait at any of the obstacles, but by the time we were finishing the course was already starting to become more congested.
It started out really basic, running through some holes in a blow up mat, through a giant tampon (there really is no other to describe this obstacle, that's exactly what it looked like!) and then twisting ourselves through the ropes shown below.
The ropes.
After that we ran up blow up mounds, jumped over wooden walls, bounced on a huge jumping pillow and then things started to get really interesting as we hit the ice bath.
My fave photo of the day... Ice bath!
My favourite obstacle of the whole day, was definitely the giant inflatable slip and slides! I want one of these guys for my backyard in summer.
Giant slip and slide.
Next we were stopped to have a cannon shoot paint at us and to have our official photos taken.
Then it was on to some monkey bars and a giant rope climb.
Finally, we hit the mud.
Ice bath photoshoot ;)
Overall, it was fun to do something really different and I'd totally recommended it to other women looking for a fun fitness activity. You can really can go as fast or slow as you like and you have the option to opt out of any obstacle.
Note: My friends and I were provided free entry to this event. All opinions are my own.

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