Saturday, November 7, 2015

I Love Photography Canberra Weekend Course

Graffiti wall in Civic, Canberra.
When I was younger I was always spending my pocket money on disposal cameras (I loved a good black and white film!). In high school I took photography as an elective subject and used to love borrowing my Dad's old SLR camera. At University I always carried a camera with me and have endless albums on my computer of crazy days and even crazier nights!
A couple of Christmas's ago I asked my parents for a DSLR. I really liked the step up in my photos compared to my little point and shoot, however I was having trouble achieving the awesome moody, blurred background, crisp, clear shots that I was seeing all over the internet. I read online tutorials and thought I had a basic idea of what was what but I needed someone to step in and teach me how to achieve the look I was going for.
Photos of people taking photos, must be a photography workshop.
How I wish I had signed up for this workshop sooner. Emily, Lauren and Brendan were full of expert information and so helpful in sharing all their tips and tricks.
We spent the first day going over all the technical aspects of photography. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO were all starting to click for me and I was finally realising how to get the photos I wanted and why I hadn't been able to produce it before (hint: Lenses make a huge difference to your photography!).
Sky Space, National Museum, Canberra. 
The second day was all about practice, practice, practice. Taking all of our new technical knowledge and trying to apply it. It was a fantastic day as Emily drove us around to different areas of Canberra that were perfect for capturing interesting shots. We headed to the Sky Space at the National Museum, the mist in the sculpture garden also at the National Museum, the graffiti in Civic,
the Merry-go-round also in Civic, the Governor General's drive and then out to the Stromlo Observatory. I had never been to quite a few of these destinations so it was really cool to check them out while also getting to play with our cameras.
Emily at Mount Stromlo Observatory.
I learnt so much from this workshop and am so excited now to keep playing around with my photography!
*Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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