Saturday, November 14, 2015

Guide to Life: Wine Tasting at Home.

 I have developed an addiction to all things EVENTS!
 I recently discovered the magazine Hooray and have been getting my hands on as many of their publications as possible. Basically, they are an events magazine full of the types of styling, planning and catering that dreams are made of.
So, when I was contacted by Social Soup (a totally awesome peer product review site!)
to review some fruit infused wines by hosting a wine night I was soooooo in!
Mid Party Table Shot!
My Top 5 Tips For Hosting a Wine Tasting
1. Give your guests a way to record their ratings!
When the Echo Falls Fruit Fusion wine arrived and I realised that I had a white, rose and red I decided to go for a 'Pick the Flavours' tasting and to encourage participation and make it more exciting I would award a prize to the person who could pick the most correct flavours. This would also be a great way to encourage discussion if you were hosting an event involving people who didn't know each other as everyone was sharing their predictions and discussing the flavours. Guests were asked to record their flavour predictions and their rating on the brown paper table runner. This not only allowed us to work out the flavour comp winner but also gave us a good guide to the groups favourite wine.
Left: Pre-party set up. Top Right: The table setting. Bottom Right: The cheese platter.
2. Provide Cheese!
What is a wine tasting without cheese!?!
I love the new chalkboard cheeseboard I picked up just last week, it went perfectly with the brown and black theme I was working with.
Hot Tip: Buy extra Brie, it WILL be popular!
3. Cover that wine!
Blind tasting is so much more fun! Keep the element of intrigue by covering your bottles during the judging and rating stage of your event. I chose to use the same brown paper that I used as a table runner but simple brown wine bags are a cheap, quick and easy alternative to cover that bottle!
Left: Recording the flavours and rating the wine! Right: The big reveal!
4. Keep it simple!
The thing I liked most about this event is that it took little planning, little set up and can be done so cheap. If you're strapped for cash why not ask each guest to bring a bottle, throw a simple cover on it and then judge the wine to see who bought the top rated bottle.
5. Have fun!
Drink the wine, eat the cheese, record your ratings and enjoy the company of your guests. This is the perfect, simple. stress-free event to be a relaxed host at.
Happy guests!
Note: This is NOT  a sponsored post. I was provided product from Social Soup through their social review system and requested to upload photos to Instagram. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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