Saturday, October 3, 2015

Smile Making.

Warning: This is one of those soppy, life loving, live every moment type of posts! Prepare for the over-use of the word excited and bountiful clich├ęs about the wonder that is life ;)
Do you ever just have a moment where everything seems to be failing into place, you're excited about the future and you just can't seem to wipe that big dorky grin off your face!?
That is so me right now!
Does this face not scream excited!?! Oh yeah, my hair is purple now - if you followed me on facebook or instagram, you'd know this already ;) links on sidebar.
I'm just feeling so grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities that are presenting themselves to me lately. My calendar for the rest of 2015 is filling up FAST and it's full of exciting, motivating and smile making events and good times!
I'm putting myself outside my comfort zone, trying new things, investing time in hobbies and chasing dreams. I'm letting some opportunities come to me and chasing others down with determination.
So what's got me giddy with excitement?
- I Love Photography Canberra course.
I originally signed up for this photography course a few months back but due to lack of numbers it was unable to take place. The amazing Emily that runs the course put on a special short course for us instead and I have learnt so much from her already. That said, I cannot wait for a WHOLE weekend of photos, photos, photos later in October... bring it on!
- Little Blog Big.
If you haven't read Lady Smaggle's blog, you are truly missing out on some Aussie blogger awesomeness! I love to catch up on all the Smaggle news and was so excited when Carly (Smaggle) teamed up with Christina to form Little Blog Big and started offering Blogger Workshops! Going to a blogger workshop has been on my Day Zero list since I became a blogger (so basically forever) and I cannot wait for this whole day of bloggy goodness!
 Yes, that is faux mud. Just go with it!
- Miss Muddy Canberra.
I have wanted to complete an obstacle course event for a while now but just have not been game enough to actually go through with it. That is until, now!
The awesome people at Miss Muddy contacted me to see if I'd like to give their Canberra course a crack and I just could not say no.
I am really pumped for this one and love that I have a new reason to really get back into hitting the gym!
- Taylor Swift.
Yep, I'm seeing this wonderful lady AGAIN!
As if this couldn't get even better, my family are making a whole weekend of it and catching up with relatives which makes me super happy.
I also love the fact that I get to experience Taylor with the only person who would come along with me last time... my sister!
- Christmas.
What can I say!?
What's making the smile on your face at the moment?
I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!

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