Saturday, October 17, 2015

Life After the 12wbt.

Remember back in February when I signed up for a round of Michelle Bridge's 12 Week Body Transformation?
I was able to lose weight, improve my fitness and worked my way up to run my first ever 5km fun run!
Well, that ended 4 months ago now and I thought people might find it interesting to hear about life after the 12wbt.
When I finished the 12wbt I had every intention of sticking to my healthy eating plan and using Mich's recipes, but in all honesty, I just didn't. I've gone up and down and all over the place with my eating habits in the past 4 months. While I strive to eat healthily the majority of the time I find myself slipping regularly. The final two weeks of school last term were crazy busy and full of after hour work commitments and I found myself driving through the KFC drive-through more times than I'd like to admit. Since being on holidays and having an unusual abundance of free time I've set myself the goal to refocus on my food. I've been aiming for 1200 calories a day and also trying to eat low carb as I've found this tends to reduce my cravings and stabilise my eating habits.
I stuck to my gym routine really well after 12wbt, only letting it slide in the last few weeks as I was dog-sitting and a daily dog walk ate up my gym time. 12wbt was great for increasing my fitness level and the learn to run program has definitely changed my approach to hitting the treadmill.
That said, I've been in need of a new motivator. A reason to put effort into my workouts instead of just churning out the usual. During the 12wbt I had my first ever 5km fun run to work towards and it was really effective way of making me put in loads of effort so I wouldn't fail at the event.
Enter, Miss Muddy 2015!
I'm officially signed up for my first obstacle course race and extra pumped about heading into the gym to get race ready. Thankfully, Miss Muddy is a relaxed, fun, supportive type event which doesn't actually require peak physical condition but it can't hurt to make it easier on myself by being prepared.
If you live in Canberra, you should totally come join me for a day of movement, merriment and MUD!
Entry is currently only $85.50 so get in before prices go up.
 Health and fitness are an ongoing journey in my life. I'm glad I did 12wbt this year to really dedicate some time to taking stock of where I was at with my health and fitness and getting motivated to keep improving. While I don't feel that 12wbt was the life changer for me as it is to some other people I do believe that everyone takes something different away from it and anything that helps push you towards improving your overall health is a step in the right direction.
 For those people reading to this and trying to decided wether they should give 12wbt a go, I say go for it! What have you got to lose (except those extra kilos)!?!
 Note: I am in no way associated with 12wbt and all views expressed are my own. I have received no compensation from 12wbt for this review.
Miss Muddy have provided me with free entry to their Miss Muddy Canberra 2015 event. However, all views and opinions remain my own.

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