Saturday, October 31, 2015

Guide to Life: Teacher Gifts

It is less than 2 months til Christmas!?!
I feel like such an adult when I say this but, man this year has just flown by!
Before you know it summer will be on our doorstep and school will be over for another year.
Which got me thinking about all those super fun end of year school activities (carols night, Christmas craft and sending home portfolios with proud as punch kiddies) and also end of year gifts (both buying them for my wonderful class and gifts I've received).
Last year was my first year of full time teaching and I was so spoiled by the parents of my class! I was given such a range of gifts and I honestly appreciated every single one. It is absolutely the thought that counts when it comes to gifts for teachers. Honestly, a simple "Thankyou, I've loved having you as a teacher" speech is just as special to me as any physical gift I could receive and I think that's so important for parents to remember as the end of the year draws nearer.
I hate the thought of parents feeling pressure to provide a particular calibre of present at the end of the school year. Over the years being involved with various schools I have seen parents who felt the need to spend lots of money to make sure the teacher knew how much they were valued and to keep up with other families in the class. I wanted to write this post to let parents know that teachers do not expect you to spend loads of money on us and we most definitely do not judge your appreciation for our work based on what you spend on a Christmas gift! If you think we did a great job, TELL US! We don't hear it as often as you may think and it's so nice when we do.
Still want to get your teacher something little for Christmas?
Keep it simple and small. In the past I have received a blueberry plant, movie voucher, chocolates, handmade cards, kids craft (including sock puppets depicting me and the student who made them - super cute!) and homemade treats.
Blueberry plant and Sock Puppet presents I received and loved!
 My biggest piece of advice on the gift giving front is to LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD!
As a teacher you often have a whole range of "inside jokes" with your class and often kids will want to do/get something related to this. Please let them! A gift that has clearly been chosen by the student and that shows that you have really got to know one another and created a great little community in your classroom is AWESOME!
Personally, I've told my class that all I want for Christmas this year is Chicken (a total inside joke, guess you had to be there!). If I get anything at all close to or representing chicken for Christmas I am going to laugh so hard, I'll be the happiest teacher in Australia!
Are you teacher? What kind of gifts would you like to receive for Christmas?
Are you parent? Do you do Christmas gifts for teachers? If so, what kind of gifts do you usually give?

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