Saturday, September 12, 2015

Doggy Guilt!

I've just got home from the dog park for the 6th time in as many days.
I just can not stop going there. It's not because I particularly enjoy it (though I don't actually mind it) or because I feel like standing out in the cold (it's been around 2-3 degrees a couple of times), It's because I'm suffering from a case of DOGGY GUILT!
Those dang Puppy Eyes.

What is Doggy Guilt you may ask!?!
Well, its a new term that I penned this week to describe the feeling of guilt associated with dog ownership. It is usually bought on by that well known Puppy Eye look and induces feelings of wishing you didn't have to leave your beloved pet in the backyard all day by himself.
The craziest part? I'm not even a dog owner!
My parents have jetted off overseas for a month leaving me with our much loved family dog, Simba. I was so excited at the prospect of having Sim here in Canberra with me, but now I just have Doggy Guilt all day, every day. I feel bad leaving him alone all day while I'm at work, even though that's what normally happens when he is at home anyway. I feel like I need to take him places ALL the time so he doesn't get bored and/or try to escape. At home he goes for a walk/run with Dad most afternoons and has a whole beach to run free on.
A morning walk.
So, I'm handling my Doggy Guilt the only way I know how... by giving Simba as much as I can.
Getting up 30 minutes earlier so he can have a walk!? SURE!
Going to the dog park everyday after work!? WHY NOT!
Sneaking a few extra treats into his week!? YOU BET!
Someone snuck IN my bed while I was in the shower.
Are you dog owner? Do you suffer from Doggy Guilt? How do you manage this very serious condition!?!?!

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