Saturday, August 1, 2015

Night Museum Mystery

Ever wanted to experience a real-life Night at the Museum?
Well, last night I got to do just that!
While there were no alive dinosaur skeletons or Robin Williams on horse back... The National Museum of Australia - Night at the Museum: Mystery was as close as you can get!

The adult only event allows people to enter the Museum after dark to enjoy a night of masks, music, and mystery.
On first arriving, we quickly found our way to the mask making table and etched ourselves some fancy facewear for the night.
Then we made our way to the 'sniffing' table. A booth set up with mystery scents that you sniffed and tried to identify.
We grabbed a glass of bubbly from the bar (at $10 a pop, a tad pricey considering the ticket to enter the whole event was only $10!) then made our way to the ball pit.
The challenge at the ball pit was to sift your way through all the balls to find the 4 balls with pictures of planes on them - harder than you'd think, but so much fun for my inner child!
Then we set off the explore the galleries where, to be honest, I was slightly disappointed. I was expecting more surprises, more hands on, more mystery in general really.
After exploring, we made our way back to the main area and had a go on the surfing machine. I was terrible and only lasted about 10 seconds.
Next, we played with the giant shadow puppet booth.
Before finally, heading into the karaoke room which was hilarious! As the theme of the night was mystery, the theme of karaoke was also mystery and you couldn't pick a specific song. You had to choose a theme and the host then picked out a song, needless to say when we put down a theme of "The Little Mermaid" and ended up singing "Mmmbop" we were put on the spot a little!
Overall, it was a fun night and great to try something new and totally different!

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