Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ice, Ice, Hockey.

I've mentioned before that I would make a pretty awesome Professional Sports Spectator after having spent a large majority of my lifetime watching various sports.
Well, I've got a new sport to add to my resume this year...
I think I've found the perfect spectator sport in ice hockey. I made it to 5 games this season and did not get bored of watching the game once. I'm super impressed by the amount of skating talent these men have, then add the hockey skills and throw in some serious boxing moves and you have one awesome game!
So hard to get a decent ice hockey shot on a smart phone!
Canberra Brave vs. Sydney Ice Dogs.
While I'm still working on understanding all the elements and rules of the game (I really need someone who knows what the hell is happening to sit and talk me though a game one day!) I love that it's fast paced, always changing, energetic and rough. Plus, the venue in Canberra (despite needing a MAJOR overhaul) serves super cheap, delicious hot chips that you just can't watch a game without. The only downside (in Canberra at least) is the wait to get inside, with the line usually beginning at around 4pm for a 5pm entry and 530pm game start. But, really it's all part of the experience and I personally prefer to arrive early to get a seat to watch from.
Never been to a game?
Chuck on some warm clothes, buy your ticket online (Canberra Brave tickets sold HERE), get there early and enjoy the action!

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