Monday, July 13, 2015

The Halfway Point

Is it just me or this year totally flying by?
I knew it would, I said as much all the way back in January.
I think the older you get, the faster every year seems to slip by.
I remember being in primary school and thinking everyday went on forever. I had nothing to do but show up at school each day. There was no cooking or cleaning, no needing to make money, no work, no prepping for work, no responsibilities at all. I had hours on end to do nothing but play my music in my bedroom as loud as possible and sing and dance to my hearts content. School holidays were day after day of "i'm bored" and "what can we do todayyyy?".
Now, I'm an adult (for reals!?!). When the hell did that happen!?!
And time seems to slip by faster than ever before.
relaxing on a tree swing while on school holidays
So what have I been up to for the past month that's kept me from writing here?
Work, eat, sleep, work, eat, gym, eat, sleep, work, eat, work, eat, parent interviews, eat, sleep, planning for work, eat, gym, sleep, eat.
The never ending cycle of being a grown up.
And somewhere along the way I forgot about my goal for the year and the word I set as my intention.
I've been so involved in my work and drama within the workplace lately. I've let it make me angry and stressed out. I've forgotten to stop and enjoy the small moments and embrace happiness.
Thankfully, I'm currently on school holidays, taking a step back from everything and reminding myself to live in the moment, have fun and not take things so seriously!
What do you enjoy?
How do you find happiness in the everyday?

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