Wednesday, June 3, 2015

12wbt: Week Eleven (My First 5km)

When I first started 12wbt I decided to join the 'learn to run' program so that I could join the likes of my dad and sister and learn to love running.
I also wanted to complete a goal I had had for awhile now, to run my first ever official 5km.
This past Sunday I finally knocked that task off my Day Zero list!
At the start of 12wbt Michelle said to pick a goal event and complete it at the end of the 12 weeks. The Merimbula Fun Run fell on the Sunday of Week 11 of my program and I knew it was the perfect choice for me. Ofcourse, that was before I realised I would be attending a wedding the night before! But I was determined to still do the fun run and put my 12wbt running training to the test.
With the Bride at the wonderful wedding!
I got home from the wedding on Saturday night at 2am! And woke on Sunday morning still suffering from a head cold. Less than ideal start to my run day!!
I got to the race early and felt so nervous I was starting to feel sick...
What if I couldn't finish the race? What if I went out too hard at the start? What if I came last?
I had so many doubts about my own ability, I actually feel silly thinking back over them now.
Before the 5km.
I decided to set the goal of wanting to jog without stopping to the half way mark, after that I would let myself walk/jog as much or little as I needed. And I'm so happy to say that even though I wanted to quit at about the 2km mark I kept jogging to half way and then jogged as much of the rest as I could manage.
It also helped that my Dad was out on the course volunteering and my Mum came to cheer me on, so I had them encouraging me along the way!
I was pretty ready for it to be over at this point!
When I got the end I wanted to throw up or pass out. My head was throbbing and it felt like all the blood in my body had rushed to my forehead. Turns out running with a head cold can make you feel pretty terrible.
But, I was also totally proud of myself. 10 years ago I wouldn't even run 100 metres, so taking on a 5k was a huge deal for me. Believe it or not I actually want to do another one (where i'm not sick and tired) and try to get under that 30 minute mark!
Have you ever done a 5km? or further?
Do you love running or hate it?
(I love the first 5 minutes and hate the rest haha)

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Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

Great job, Karrine!!!!! Your first race always feels sooooo good! (I love your pants ps!) and seriously, I don't know how you did that after getting home at 2 am. that's really telling that you're in good shape then!!

Karrine Beasley said...

Thanks Caitlin! I really did feel like I was dying at the end, so not sure about being in too good a shape haha but seriously I was really happy to just have completed it :)

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