Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fitspiration Series: Phoenix Rogers

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Phoenix Rogers
Today I am highlighting the youngest member of one of the most fitspirational families in Australia.
Phoenix Rogers is the daughter of model and tv personality Chloe Maxwell and ex-NRL player turned tri-athlete Mat Rogers. And while I could feature either of her parents in this post it's Phoenix's dedication and motivation at such a young age that I find so impressive!
Phoenix's parents Mat and Chloe.
Phoenix has already completed SIX triathlons!
At only 7 years of age.
I've been inspired by Phoenix through watching Chloe's instagram updates and constantly thinking, if a 7 year old can get up and compete in a triathlon, I can get off the couch and go to the gym!
Chloe uploaded the above photo of Phoenix training with 'Daddy' with the caption '1km on the tready then 3km on the bike little legend!'. Little legend alright, I know adults that couldn't even complete this kind of training.
Phoenix, keep it up girl! You're amazing and I'm so impressed by all your achievements!
Watch out Chloe and Mat I think your little girl may just outshine you both ;)
Post written with permission from Chloe Maxwell.
All photos taken from Chloe's instagram account with permission from Chloe.

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