Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adult Cake Smash.

Cake Smash's are all the rage with photographers at the moment.
Take a one year old, place in front of bunting and balloons, give them a cake and GO!
Super cute and hilarious photos for perfect memories.
But, what about adults!?! Can't we play too!?
I say, YES!
Enter my 25th birthday Cake Smash shoot... seen here!
Thankfully, I had my amazing, wonderful, super helpful sister who could play photographer for a day as I am not equipped to take photos of myself and really, a cake smash doesn't work that way.
You can totally do this too!
The key here is the 'Burst Mode' on your camera. If you are grabbing a friend or family member to take some shots for you, they won't necessarily have all the skills of a professional and may not know how to capture the perfect moment. Burst Mode allows you to get a million photos of a range of different moments and lets you have your pick when it comes to editing.
I used picmonkey to edit my photos as my new computer has no image editing software unfortunately.
Really, you are only limited by your imagination with an Adult Cake Smash.
Pop the champagne, smash the cake, pop a balloon, open a surprise present... make it YOU!
There are NO rules.
A hilarious memory, whatever the age!

 photo reality-sig_zps4236dd0c.jpg


thriveonnovelty said...

Love this!!! you are too funny. Such great photos. I'm so doing this for my next birthday! xx

Thrive on Novelty

Karrine Beasley said...

It was so funny to do. My sister did a great job with the photos - I love them :)

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