Saturday, May 2, 2015

12wbt: Week Seven (Reflection)

Time to be honest...
This week sucked in 12wbt terms.
It was a great week in life terms.
birthday dinner
I came back to Canberra on Monday feeling refreshed and reenergised after two weeks away on school holidays. Tuesday was my 25th birthday and also the first day back at school. The 2 ladies I work with bought cupcakes for our 3 classes and all the kids sang me Happy Birthday. I went out for dinner and a couple of drinks that night with my friends which was lovely and I got totally spoilt by them and my family! The rest of the week I settled back into the routine of work and being a grown up (shopping, preparing food etc.).
I only made it to the gym once this week but was totally pumped to improve my continuous running time from 6 minutes 30 seconds to 8 minutes.
Food, however, was my total downfall!
I ate whatever, whenever, wherever. I didn't count a single calorie. Really, I didn't even consider the health value of anything before scoffing it down.
And I paid the price... yep, I'm back to my start weight from seven weeks ago.... oops!
That said, here I am heading into Week 8 ready to kick butt at 12wbt again.
I took my week of pigging out and spoiling myself for my birthday. That's over now and I'm heading into Week 8 with a focus to get back into routine and re-commit. Staying on track 100% comes down to pre-planning, stocking your fridge and cupboards and getting into a rhythm and routine. For possibly the first time in my life I am actively looking forward to getting back into my gym routine.

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girl in the pjs said...

Birthdays are about being spoilt. That macaron cake looks awesome, how could you not take part?! Post-birthdays are for getting back on track food wise. Here's to kicking butt this week x

Karrine Beasley said...

The cake was absolutely divine, the bottom part is like a caramel tart sooooo yummy! Thanks :)

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