Saturday, May 16, 2015

12wbt: Week Nine (Reflection)

Yep, i'm still at it.
I can't believe it's been nine weeks since I first started the 12wbt program, this year is just flying by!
This week was another where I wasn't perfect but I was perfectly happy with my performance. I'm definitely finding myself adopting more of an 80/20 approach to health and fitness and to be honest i'm totally happy with that. Going 100% at healthy eating and going to the gym all the time is hard. I'd rather find a balance and eat well most of the time and try my personal best. I feel like I've found the right place between being really strict with myself and letting myself enjoy life.
Enjoying some hot chips at the footy!
So what does that look like for me?
A 12wbt approved diet Mon-Thurs and then a more relaxed approach to food Fri-Sun. It doesn't mean I go out and eat a whole packet of tim tams, a large coke, 3 packets of twisties and a Big Mac on my relaxed days, it just means I have the option to go and eat out with friends and don't need to be as strict with cooking and meal planning.
As for the gym i'm aiming for 4 days a week, in whatever form feels right on that particular day/week.
Ok, enough about me.
Let me share my favourite meal of the week with you...
Mushroom, Haloumi Toast!

And so simple...
Heat a little butter/magarine in pan.
Add chopped mushroom.
Cook til brown.
Add haloumi and brown.
Serve on toast...

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