Saturday, May 9, 2015

12wbt: Week Eight (Stats)

My second Mini Milestone week has arrived.
Time to redo the fitness test, take my measurements and track my progress so far.
Things have picked up on the 12wbt front this week as I've planned my meals and began tracking my calories again.
I'm really happy with my fitness test results this week and love to see myself continuinly improving through this program!
Considering I weighed myself back at 75kg last week I was soooo happy to see the scales at 72.2kg this week!
The Running Challenge is how long you can run for before stopping (and then you continue the workout to reach 30 minutes total). This is the stat that I am most proud of this week. At the start of this program the thought of running continuously for even 10 minutes was soooo daunting, now I can do even more than that... yay!
Improvements all around, have to be happy with that! (Ignore the flexibility test, I still haven't set one up to do it).
Measurements staying fairly consistent.
So that's Week 8.
I had plans to run the 5km park run at home on the coast to celebrate this mini milestone but was unable to head home this weekend.
Instead I'm looking forward and working towards the 5km fun run I intend to do in Week 11.

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