Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hair free, Care free (+ Giveaway)

How old were YOU when you started hair removal?
I remember the first time I even started thinking about needing to remove hair. I was 10 years old and in Year 6 of school when one of my close friends showed up with the smoothest, shiniest legs I had ever seen. It was a miracle! Gone was her thick, black hair and here were grown up, woman's legs (or as close to woman's legs as you can get at 10 years old haha). I wanted shiny legs too... but Mum said no. So I waited, and I hassled her and may have experimented once or twice with the razor in the bathroom taking off tiny sections of hair on my ankles. Finally, in the holidays before starting high school my Mum relented... on one condition, we tried hair removal cream rather than shaving. The notion behind this being that the hair takes longer to grow back and I wouldn't be slicing my legs up with a razor. I was sold and loved the soft moisturised feeling you get after using the cream.
Fast forward 15 years and I'm still using hair removal cream (and razors if I want to... hey!? I'm a grown up now!). Its simple, easy and does last longer than shaving.
So you can imagine my delight when I was contacted by the lovely people at Veet to try out some of their products AND give you the chance to win some too!

I'd never thought to try at home waxing but the EasyWax Roll-On Kit makes it really simple and even my 10 year old self could have got her head around using the Wax Strips!
You could WIN...
... a hair removal kit containing:
Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit, Veet Sugar Wax, Veet Hair Removal Cream and Veet Face, Bikini & Underarm Wax Strips.
That's a whole lot of FREE at home hair removal that could be showing up right at your door step if you simply enter below.
Good Luck!
May your legs be the smoothest, shiniest, silkiest legs they have ever been ;)
Note: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Products provided for review and giveaway.
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meganngu said...

It's been so long! Haha, I think I was starting middle school.

Rachael Gordon said...

15... ;-)

Cherie Montorio said...

I think I was 14 years old.

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

oh man, I haven't used Veet in so long! I liked it though!!! Good luck to the winning Aussie!

Joscelin said...

I remember that story so clearly Rin!! And I was the same as you; I got my legs waxed just before going to high school and then for some reason stopped again and went about arguing with my mum for a while longer.

Gem said...

I definitely started secretly shaving and cutting my knees in primary school because my Mum wouldn't allow it! I got my first razor at 12 I think!

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