Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fitspiration Series: My Dad

Welcome, to my first ever 'Fitspiration Series' post.
I'm planning to highlight some of the awesome people that provide me with inspiration to be fit. Hopefully you'll find them inspiring too!

My Dad

My Dad is probably the biggest inspiration behind me deciding to do the "Learn to Run" program within 12wbt. Over the years I have watched my Dad be the best active living role model ever. 
For as long as I can remember I have sat watching him lace up his runners to head out for a jog with the dog. When I was younger Dad started swimming and it was totally inspiring to watch someone who once nearly drowned when they were young, teach themselves to swim and smash out lap after lap. Dad then took up Tri-athlons and I was able to go along to watch him compete and cheer him on. He has ridden a push bike to work for years and now, my Dad has just completed his first ever Half Marathon!

Impressed yet!?
I love that Dad sets a goal and then just works for it day after day.
He's also been helping me out with my current goal to run a 5k by taking runs with me when I head home.

I feel super lucky to have such an inspiring role model and amazing dad in my life!
Thanks Dad!

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