Saturday, April 4, 2015

12wbt: Week Three (Reflection)

Wow. Three weeks of 12wbt done and dusted.
Having a rest after our Friday arvo walk.
Getting up and going to the gym of a morning is getting easier and so is the running once I'm there. I went to my favourite HIIT class again this week and was sooooo disappointed when a different instructor ran our class. What is usually a fun, fast paced class became a boring, repetitious class that I gritted my teeth all the way through. It reminded me why I take certain classes over other ones and I have my fingers crossed that it's back to normal next week.
More good food this week too. I added pita pockets to my meal plan for lunches at school and made up a batch of Chicken and Mushroom Risotto which was really yummy considering how simple and quick it was to cook.
Next week (Week Four) is my first fitness check-in and i'm really keen to see how many centimetres I have lost and how much my fitness test results have improved. I'm guessing the fitness test in particular will be a lot better considering the run I went on this morning with my Dad and how much easier it was in general.
Hope everyone is having a great Easter and long weekend. I'm facing the challenge of balancing my healthy eating plan with still enjoying all that Easter entails (chocolate!!!) but so far, so good, no major blowouts... so fingers crossed it stays that way!

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Carol said...

Nothing Ike successful weeks to get you rocking through Easter. What a cute pumpkins too.

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