Saturday, April 25, 2015

12wbt: Week Six (Reflection)

Ugh, have you seen the weather out there this week?
Rain, rain, rain, more rain and even some hail stones!
Not ideal for my last week of school holidays spent at home on the coast.
I had plans to take my new bike for rides and head out on outdoor runs but, no, not to be.
 Making the most of a break in the rain, out for a walk with a friend and her kids.
This week (just like last) has been another reminder of how important consistency and routine is in maintaining healthy habits. And more than that, how important planning is! Last week I planned out all my breakfasts and lunches and snacks but this week I only planned a couple here and there and ultimately 'fell off the wagon' whenever I hadn't thought ahead.
That said, I really enjoyed my 12wbt meal plan selections this week including; Ricotta & Pesto scrambled eggs and Chicken & Leek Pies.
12wbt Chicken & Leek pies for lunch on cold days!
Honestly, there isn't much more to say about this week. I'm looking forward to Week 7 as I head back to work which means routine and the gym!
But i'll sure miss this guy (and my family, ofcourse)...
Cold morning snuggles.

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