Saturday, April 18, 2015

12wbt: Week Five (Reflection)

Time to be honest and share the good (yay!) and bad (not so yay) of Week 5.


 Breakfast after our run.

My routine and schedule were totally interrupted this week as it was my first week of school holidays. If there is one thing I have learnt so far on 12wbt it is that consistency is key and school holidays are not the best place for that. BUT, I made a real effort to be active. I got up early one morning to do a Wii workout, I went for an early morning 5km run with my sister, a before dinner walk with my mum and a ride on my new cruiser bike. I was proud of my dedication to finding time to ensure that I am living an active lifestyle and burning calories even without a gym in sight.

My new bike


Kiwi cocktail at Rocky Horror.

Then there's my diet and wow, does being out of routine effect that! Coffee is a current killer as I love to catch up with friends and family and sit chatting at local coffee shops but each cup contains almost as many calories as I burn on my half-hour runs! And then there were the days spent on the road and away from home to see 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' (which I highly recommend!) in Sydney where I ate ridiculous portions and crazy calorie laden (and ofcourse, absolutely delicious) meals. This week has highlighted how much planning normally goes into my weekly meal planning and just how important that is!

Tiramisu and Pancotta dessert.

The biggest chorizo pizza everrrrr!

The week on a whole though has been really enjoyable and a great exercise in thinking about how best to balance my life.

 photo reality-sig_zps4236dd0c.jpg 

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Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

LOVE the new bike!!! So cute. And i know, my diet was out of whack last week and I still feel like a dough ball. at least your hair looks cute :)

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