Sunday, February 1, 2015

Guide To Life: Hangover Kit

Looking for a simple DIY gift? Need something that can be sent through the mail? Stuck on ideas for an upcoming 18th or 21st? Need a simple but thoughtful gift as a party thank you?
Look no further! I present you with the...

Hangover Kits!

I love putting together gift kits. You can put together something for almost any occasion, spend as little or as much as you like and make it personal or corporate depending on the recipient. The gift kits I'm showing today are most definitely of the personal nature (aka. probably not something you're going to making for your boss any time soon).

Hangover kits are a hilarious gift for any occasion that is linked to alcohol consumption (think bachelorette, wedding, engagement party, etc.) or "coming of age" events. This particular Hangover Kit was put together for a friend's 21st birthday party. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event so I needed to find a gift that could be mailed (without spending a small fortune) and I wanted something useful but funny too.

In the Hangover Kit:

- Panadol
- Face Wipes
- Mouth Wash
- Pringles
- Chocolate
- Bottle of Water (with personalised label).

I created a label for the water bottle myself as I wanted an extra personal touch. To make I simply used a word processing program to draw a rectangle (in landscape) and added the first aid symbols and a little writing. Print, cut out and tape around bottle.

Reads: "Hangover Helper. DRINK ME LUCY!"

I grabbed some Cello paper to pull the contents together and tied together with a little twine.
To finish I created a label to attach to the gift. To make I once again used a word processing program and drew a label shape before adding text and the first aid symbol.

And, voila! One Hangover Kit, ready to help my friend survive the day after her 21st!

Note: Lucy was my friend of the week for my #52friends challenge this week.

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