Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Another wonderful Christmas full of family, food and fun has been and gone.
Let's recap...

 First up...  Presents! This is my sister helping Simba open one of his presents, yes the dog got 3 presents!

Mum made the most  amazing, tasty glazed ham EVER! This photo doesn't even do  justice to just how great it tasted.

Breakfast overlooking the ocean on our veranda. Croissants with that delicious ham, cheese and tomato or if you're me with nutella!

Tried making Bellini's for the first time ever to make it a Christmas morning Champagne breakfast.

Christmas surf, or attempt at surfing for most of us. My sister met a boy at summer camp in America earlier this year and he came over to visit for Christmas. The photo above is him, my sister, my dad and me!

The only person who is actually any good at surfing is my sister.

But we all try! ;)

A few games of Finska in the backyard was probably the highlight of my day.
Which was followed by a table tennis championship.

More champagne cocktails.

Place setting all ready for a late lunch.

A whole lot of food for just five people.

Earlier in the year I spotted  the best bon-bons ever but they were expensive and I decided not to buy them. 2 weeks later I saw them again and couldn't resist.  You see, our bon-bons contained...


After lunch we napped and I set up the fitbit I recieved.
Then we had an amazing berry dessert and played a few rounds of sequence.
A perfect, game and competition filled, Christmas Day.

 photo reality-sig_zps4236dd0c.jpg


Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

I always love your Christmas posts bc I can never get over the difference in weather even though I understand it completely, lol. I just can't envision christmas in shorts!

your day looks awesome. And I love that Simba is not only dressed but got a bunch of presents! Same with my little one... :)

Again, love your hair. and your sister is truly your twin. And that ham YUM!

girl in the pjs said...

That ham looks fantastic and great call on the bonbons. We had a lovely ham for Christmas lunch too. Merry Christmas xx

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