Saturday, November 15, 2014

All I Want For Christmas (2014)

My sister asked me to write her a list of things I'd like for Christmas.
It's a short list at the moment, but these are the 3 gifts i'd most likely to receive this year!

Fitbit Flex
(Comes in a whole range of colours! I love the teal coloured flex!)

Lorna Jane MNB 2015 Diary

New Running Shoes
I love this ASICS Gel pair!

What are you putting on your wishlist this year?

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Ashley Rizzardo said...

Solid list. I definitely need some new running shoes too. Come to think of it, shoes might make up most of my list (as a girl who trips frequently, my shoes loose their luster real quick!) Also a bottle of Kate Spade Twirl perfume--my favorite!

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