Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Super Cheap DIY Pinboard

Living in a rental property it can be hard to decorate without breaking the conditions of your lease. In my house we aren’t allowed to use hooks or blue tack to hang things on walls and so for the past six months mine have remained bare and white. My room was lacking decoration and had no photos of my friends or family in it. I realised  I needed to create something cheap, that allowed me to show off lots of photos and was really light weight to hang from the walls.

Introducing, the Super Cheap and Easy DIY Pin Board!

I bought all the materials I needed for under $20 from Big W (not sponsored in any way, shape, or form!).

-          Thick Black Cardboard
-          1 roll of wrapping paper
-          1 packet twine (could use string or ribbon)
-          1 packet of thumb tacks
-          Cut wrapping paper in slightly larger rectangle than the cardboard.
-          Pin paper onto back of cardboard, pulling tight to avoid bubbles.
-          Create  a diamond or zig zag pattern with twine by pinning sections down with thumb tack.
-          Using twine and thumb tacks create two small hooks on back of board.
-          Hang on wall using removable stick on hooks.
-          Insert photos and documents into twine to display.

This project really was very simple and only took about half an hour to assemble. I love that I can change up the photos as often as I like and if I get sick of the paper I choose I could change that too.

Whats your top tip for decorating in a rental  property?

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