Monday, June 2, 2014

Choosing to be POSITIVE.

Today I've decided to turn the negatives into positives in order to keep a smile on my dile.


Negative: We still don't have internet in our house.
Positive: I like drinking McCafe coffee while I surf the web.

Negative: My Housemate is moving out after numerous arguments regarding cleaning and energy use.
Positive: I'll get a new housemate to get to know.

Negative: I've been sick for over a week and have a super persistent cough.
Positive: It's given me an excuse for naps and sleep-ins.

Negative: The weather is getting colder and winter is coming.
Positive: Hot tea, watching movies under warm blankets, soup, baggy sweaters and comfy slippers.

Negative: My clothes are covered in cat hair.
Positive: Said cat is moving out.

Negative: Im low on blog inspiration.
Positive: Here I am blogging!

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