Wednesday, June 4, 2014

3 Simple Rules for Living in a Share House.

You may remember a few months back I was asking for advice on how to handle a messy share house (see HERE). One suggestion was to create a cleaning roster so that each housemate knew when and what they were expected to clean. So, I organised a house meeting, got everyone together, discussed and planned the cleaning roster, wrote one out and stuck it on the fridge. I had the first week of cleaning the bathroom and I scrubbed it from top to bottom, content in the fact I wouldn’t have to touch it for another three weeks, except it doesn’t appear to have been cleaned since. Now, we are coming to the end of our 6 month lease and two of our housemates have decided to move on, so what better time to compile a little list of Rules for Living in a Share House (with me).

It’s really simple… if everyone chips in and does some of the cleaning it becomes wayyyy less time consuming for any one individual and the house stays tidy and pleasant to live and entertain in.
Dishes in the sink are a big pet peeve of mine. It takes 5 minutes to give them a wash before you leave for work or head to bed. It’s so frustrating when you go to cook something or wash your own dishes and someone has left the sink full (this happens constantly and items can be left for days in my current house).

Let me make a generalisation here but Share Houses are most commonly occupied by young adults who are just finding their way in the adult world. For me this means I’m not set up too well financially yet  and I need to be as frugal as possible (aka I don’t want half my pay to go to paying utility bills!).
Tips for energy efficiency:
-          Only use a heater/central heating if its freezing… otherwise put on more clothes or get a blanket  to keep you warm (socks and beanies are self heating wonder clothing!).
-          Do not put on a “load” of washing that contains two items… what a waste!!
-          Avoid using the dryer to dry your clothes, if the sun is shining suck it up and hang your washing out.

You don’t have to be best friends with your housemates, but you should be nice, friendly and approachable! The key to being approachable is to make it easy and comfortable for your housemates to bring up any concerns or issues within the house and realise that Share House issues are usually not a personal attack. If you have your own issues don’t be afraid to bring them up with the house in a mature, face to face conversation or meeting and explain yourself rationally.

What’s YOUR top tip for a happy Share House?

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