Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Getaway.

Spot Simba?

My sister is heading off overseas again in 2 weeks and wanted to take a family camping trip before she left the country. Unfortunately the weather forecast for last weekend was looking pretty grim  and none of us particularly wanted to camp in the rain, so we booked a (very) basic cabin to keep us dry instead.

As it turned out we only got rain on one of the two nights we were there and we were so happy that we hadn’t cancelled the whole trip based on the forecast!

Our fifth and favourite family member joined us of course, so we visited the dog friendly beach to give him a run and happened to spot a pod of dolphins frolicking and feeding right on shore. The silly photo taking also started here, including action shots jumping off sand dunes and a whole family selfie (ellen style!).


My Dad loves a silly pic!

We headed into town to pick up some dinner supplies and ran into my aunty, so we headed over to her place for a quick catch up. Afterwards, we dropped Simba back at the cabin and headed out for a walk/leisurely hike in the surrounding National park.

Dad also loves a selfie! hahaha.


That afternoon we played multiple games of our favourite family board game, Sequence. As we ate dinner, we heard it start to rain and my one wish of having a fire over the weekend seemed impossible. Half an hour later though, the rain had stopped just enough we were able to go through with lighting the fire and the highlight, ROASTING MARSHMALLOWS!

It was a great weekend, with the best family EVER!

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