Friday, May 23, 2014

Palm Beach Surf Club.

On the weekend I headed up to Queensland for my Nan’s 80th birthday. We celebrated with a lunch at the Palm Beach Surf Club and as always were treated to a wonderful dining experience!

The Palm Beach Surf Club is worth visiting just for the views. What’s better than sitting back with a drink and some lunch overlooking the beach!? And on Sunday we were even able to watch a surf comp taking place at the same time.

The food was amazing!  I ummmmed and ahhhhed over what to order as everything sounded so tasty but finally settled on Caesar Salad with Salt and Pepper Calamari. I was expecting maybe 4 or 5 pieces of calamari but was blown away when this was bought out…

Not only did look great it tasted fantastic and I was soooo happy with my choice.

Nan had the Chicken Roulade special and Dad had the Kangaroo.

Everyone’s meals were well sized and everyone said they tasted delicious.

The lamb special - ordered by both my mum and aunty!

So, if you’re ever in the Palm Beach area I highly recommended giving the Surf Club a visit!

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