Friday, May 9, 2014

Feeling 24!

My birthday this year fell on the first day back at school and so it also turned out to be the day I  had to return to Canberra to head back to work the next day.

Allyssa (sister) and Me!

I headed out to dinner with my family the night before I turned the big 2-4. I wanted somewhere that wasn’t too expensive but where I could devour some oysters. After scouring all the local menus online we settled we on the Merimbula  RSL. The company was great (always love spending time with  my fam) and the food was DELISH!

Mum and Dad <3 i="">

We started the meal off with the dish that had enticed us to the  club… Brie and Macadmia crusted oysters! And some kilpatrick oysters.

Yummo! Oysters!!

When my main came out (Pork Belly and Scallops with crunchy salad) I was impressed by its size and couldn’t wait (not even long enough for a photo) to dig in. It was super tasty and everyone enjoyed their meals!


The next morning was my day of birth. I had breakfast with my mum and sister and they gave me presents before they had to head off to work and I had to drive back to Canberra (blasting Katy Perry the whole way, thanks for the CD lyss!).

A clutch for every mood :) Top from my sis, bottom from friends!

The day was a little up and down as I was feeling a bit down about having to leave home on my birthday, but my friends took me to the movies and out to dinner and I certainly ended the day with a smile on my dile!

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