Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Share House HELP!

I need YOUR help and advice!

See while I was at uni I lived on campus in share accommodation. It was old and dirty and with all the partying that took place, keeping it clean was nobody’s top priority. Everyone was on the same page about it so it was fine.

Now, for the first time in my life I find myself living in a share house. The house is nice, it’s fairly new with lots of white features and white tiles. I share with 3 other girls all in their 20’s and 2 cats.
The issue here is one of cleaning and how to manage equal division of household chores. At the moment it seems to me that only 2 of us do anything. I’ve lived here for just over 2 months now and we are the only 2 to empty the bin, put the bins out, clean the bathroom or toilet, and there are always dishes in the sink (a total pet peeve).

So, I’m looking to others who have lived in share houses to hear how you broached the subject of cleaning? Did you have rosters? How did you deal with an unhelpful housemate? Any advice at all, please!?

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Janet aka Middle Aged Mama said...

I wish I knew the solution - I'm in a share house LOL with my hubster and Mr 19 & Miss 17, and it still feels like I'm the only one that cares about keeping it neat and tidy! I think the kids will be in for a shock when they leave the nest - you mean there ISN'T a toilet cleaning fairy?!

Courtney Steltenpool said...

Hey Rinnie :) I've just discovered your blog! And since I've lived in share houses for the last 4 years I thought I'd comment. So currently I have 3 roommates, and we have a monthly cleaning roster. So each month, one person is responsible for weekly chores (e.g. vacuuming, mopping, cleaning bathroom, etc) as well as chores that are done regularly like putting the dishes away, wiping benches and taking out the rubbish/recycling. Everyone is responsible for their own dishes/bedrooms. It works so well, and if one person isn't doing their jobs in their allocated month then you know who to blame! Plus you get 3 months of no cleaning :)

Karrine Beasley said...

Honestly I think that's how my mum feels when I go home. I'm really bad at helping out when Mum is around cause she is always a step ahead of me :/ It's always a shock to move out of room and see just how much your parents did do for you.

Karrine Beasley said...

Hey court! Thanks for commenting :) This sounds like the kind of system we will probably end up with. Love the idea of allocating a whole month so that you get the other 3 off!

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