Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ombre hair... Yay or Nay??

I really like to mix things up when it comes to my hair. I'm not afraid to chop it all off or dye it fire engine red, as I've talked about before HERE. That said, I haven't touched my hair for over a year now and I'm more then ready for something new!

I'm thinking Ombre, but I'm wondering is it on the way out? or over done?
My biggest inspiration for this look is Alisa from The Block's new Ombre do.

Excuse the misspelt name :/ oops.

What do you think?
And, More examples...

Had to include two shots of Rachel Bilson, love her!

So, what's the verdict? 
Love it or hate it?

 photo reality-sig_zps4236dd0c.jpg


Ashley Rizzardo said...

I actually super love ombre hair! I think that it can be really pretty if it's done right! Go for it!


Karrine Beasley said...

Haha! I had the same issue a few years back and now I'm actually going to pay them to make it look like that way! ;)

Karrine Beasley said...

Yeah it's the getting it "done right" thing i'm wary about but I figure why not, I can always dye back over it!

Lila Wolff said...

I had it until very recently and love it, such low maintenance and lovely looks!

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