Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Revealing Myself Online.

When I very first started blogging I was working as a full-time nanny and sharing tips and tricks of the trade. Due to the sensitive nature of merging the worlds of working with children and blogging I chose to start the journey as an entirely anonymous entity. Sadly, despite adoring my first blog, I got distracted and it only lasted a couple of months.
Once I started uni I was struck with the desire to document my life and I decided to give blogging another shot. I was still worried about revealing too much of myself online and at the time didn't want my friends and family to find my online musings, so I decided to use my nickname throughout the blog (rinnie - as some of you may remember).
After a while people started to find out about this here blog and I started to merge twitter, facebook and other social media accounts to work alongside the blog. My identity was becoming less secretive and I was ready for my "real" life to meet my online world and so I welcomed the use of my real name.
Hello World, this is Me!
Now, i'm ready to take another step and reveal another detail about myself. You see, I've blogged about Uni and my "Uni tow/city" and moving from my small town hometown to the closest city but I don't think I've ever just come out and shared the city in which I currently live. So without further ado, I live in...
Recognise this fountain in Civic?? Photo from the 2009 UC Car Rally.
I'm hoping that being open and honest about my geographical location will allow me to blog more about local events and open me up to blogging opportunities in the area.
I'd love to find other blogs by people living in or around Canberra too, so if you know of any please share in comments!

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Joscelin said...

Love it Rin :) xx

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