Monday, March 24, 2014

Professional Sports Spectator.

I should have a degree in Sports Spectating.  Surely, the amount of time I have spent watching others compete in different sports qualifies me for some sort of official recognition!? And, I’m  not even a parent yet, I know they log the man hours pool, field or court side.

My sister competing in an ocean swim.. i played photographer and cheer squad!

You see, when I was growing up my sister was a competitive swimmer. I spent pretty much every weekend travelling from swimming carnival to swimming carnival with my family. I’d sit by the pool, cheer, and record my sister’s times. I did give swimming training a try for one season but it was not  the sport for me.

As we grew we both started playing netball. My sister being the natural athlete she is got into the  representative team and I had a new game to spectate. Add  in  some coaching of younger kids and I was spending plenty of  time watching netball be played.

In high school, my sister discovered waterpolo and while I had already moved away I still got to see her play a few times.

This year my sister is off travelling and not playing sport but my mum is coaching her old rep netball team so I agreed to be team manager. Basically, I travel to comps with them, help organise and then watch them play while scoring or time keeping.

The winning opens team with coach, manager (me) and first aid attendant.

Add to that professional netball games, NRL on the tv and in person, friends cricket games, friends soccer games, and more. That’s a whole range of sports and I’d say around half of my life that I have spent watching one sport or another, now where’s the trophy for  that!?

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thegirlhassparke said...

Ah you definitely deserve a trophy - I am not a sporty person at all - I need a trophy for sports avoidance.

Karrine Beasley said...

Yeah I guess its a good thing I do enjoy sports or all that spectating would be awful painful! :)

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