Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm {Not So} Proud to Admit...

Everyone has those things they think or do that they tend to keep private or only share with close friends and family right!? But, this is the land of blogging and we're all friends here, yes? Well, today I am "confessing" to some of the things that I'm not so proud to admit.
1. I once considered Ice cream to be breakfast food.
It was uni, I was fresh out of living in a family home and proving my independence by living on my terms.
2. A loaf of garlic bread is a perfectly acceptable dinner option.
Now, I don't do this often (I promise, Mum!) but... sometimes I just crave the garlicky goodness and couldn't be bothered to come up with anything else to go along with it. Hello, Garlic Bread Dinner mmmmmmm.
3. I can watch a whole TV season in a day.
Sometimes there is nothing I want more than to have a "nothing" day. Give me a season of television, some snacks and a comfy place to rest and you will not see or hear from me until either the series is over or the snacks have run out.
4. I've used my sister's facebook account to stalk people I'm not friends with.
Well, technically to stalk people who have deleted me. 
Like I said, I'm not so proud to be admitting these things.
5. I talk to myself in the car.
Like, out loud... total crazy person style. AND, I usually don't even realise i'm doing it until after the words have left my mouth. I blame my overactive imagination combined with the boredom of sitting still for too long, it just sends me loopy!
Now, make me feel better do you do any of these things too?
Or am I totally alone in the world?
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