Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MUST Ride Roller Coasters!

The World's only indoor double-loop, double corkscrew Roller Coaster - RODE IT! (Vegas, 2013!)

I want to ride all the roller coasters of the world.
I want to face fear head on, feel the adrenaline, wind in my hair and air on my face, racing one million miles an hour... and I am not speaking metaphorically here.

Onboard the kiddies Dr Zuess Roller Coaster at Universal (Orlando, 2013!)


Excited to ride the Harry Potter Flight of the Hippogriff Roller Coaster at Universal (Orlando, 2013).

It's a new love for me. When I was about 12 and visiting Movie World for the first time, I refused to go on the Spiderman roller coaster because it went upside down. Fast forward 11 years to my Summer at an American Camp and a day trip to Mt Olympus Water and Theme Park and I discovered that going upside down on roller coasters was actually exhilarating and a total blast! I was absolutely sure that this was a true love after visiting Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida that same Summer. I could not get enough of the roller coasters (or the Harry Potter simulator ride, but that's another story!} and could have ridden The Hulk and The Dueling Dragons all day long. And don't forget Space Mountain at Disney!

THE HULK. I LOVE! (Orlando, 2013).

I want to do this AGAIN!

Now, I crave the thrill of roller coasters. I just want to travel the world and ride them all! I hate that Australia doesn't have the same amount or quality or accessibility to roller coasters as you do in America. I'm also bummed that I didn't make it to a Six Flags while I was in America, I NEED to go back and ride the World's tallest steel roller coaster, Kingda Ka.

Skip straight to 0:53 for the action, this shit is insane!

Other Roller Coasters making my list of must-rides include:
- Top Thrill Dragster, USA.
- Formula Rossa, United Arab Emirates
- Steel Dragon 2000, Japan

Have YOU ever had an amazing Roller Coaster ride?
I'd love suggestions of must-rides...
Leave a comment!

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Courtney - beat of the spirit said...

I am obsessed with roller coasters!!! I love them so much!

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