Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Haul (Items I Love!)

Excuse me, how is it January 6th already?!
First week of 2014 and it's already flying by.
Today, I've just got quick post for you all, sharing some of the items i received for Christmas and loved. 
None of these items were gifted by companies or sponsored in anyway. Most of these items were things that I picked out myself, though I definitely didn't know which ones I would actually be luckily enough to receive from my wonderful family.

Kardashian Kollection sunglasses.
I spotted these in an Avon catalog just before Christmas and having recently lost my fave pair of sunnies, I knew I had to have these. I love the big style and have found them to sit really comfortably on my face!

MORE by Lorna Jane Clarkson.
This was one gift I had no idea I was actually getting and I was sooooo excited when I opened it up. My sister got me the pack of the 2014 Lorna Jane diary and the book MORE. The book is gorgeous with beautiful design and motivational messages. It's a great collection of ideas, recipes and advice to live by which inspires a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Nest of Pambula Necklace.
I spotted this necklace at a local market a few months back and had to have it! When my Mum offered to put it away for Christmas I was thrilled. I even ended up buying my Mum one online as a surprise, as she had pointed out a tree of life design she liked just as we were leaving the stall. I love the combination of the pendant with the charm, so cute!

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