Friday, December 6, 2013

Taylor Swift Red Tour 2013

Taylor Swift is the bomb diggity, the business, the best of the best, amazeballs, super duper, awesome...
you know, just basically, the shit!

Whats more impressive than an artist who gets out on stage and sings songs that they have written themselves, dances, runs through the crowd, meets fans, plays instruments and hits every single note perfectly!?
Girl can play piano, guitar, banjo and more and does so LIVE!
I know there are plenty of Taylor haters out there, but no one can deny that taytay is incredibly talented!

Seeing Taylor live was a total dream come true and I was so happy when she belted out classics like "Mean" and "Love Story" alongside all her newest and freshest hits.
The only thing missing though was a rendition of the song "Stay" from her album "Red", my sister and I were both waiting for it and were so disappointed that she didn't sing it!

We had a great time at the event in general too. We expected our seats to be pretty average as we bought them late and chose the cheapest option but they turned out to have a perfect view of the stage and we were so happy! The sunshine shone and the rain held off for the event... PERFECT!!

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night owl said...

glad you had a blast. :D Everyone deserves it.

Ashley Rizzardo said...

I saw Taylor on the Speak Now tour and was impressed with her live performance. She was definitely better than I expected. And she performed "Last Kiss"--I love that song!


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