Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happiness on Hump Day v.7

My Happiness Indicators

1.  Warm Summer weather.
I can't even imagine Christmas in the snow, I love looking forward to Xmas day on the beach with the sun on my back and the sand in my toes.

2. Spending the weekend away visiting friends.
I traveled back to my uni town over the weekend to attend my friend's Christmas party and watch the boys play a Coast vs. Country cricket game. I only made through half the game though because let's be honest, cricket is boring as shit, but the party was fun and it's always great to catch up with everyone.

3. New Girl.
I'm officially addicted to this show and have recently started watching the third season. I started watching New Girl back when it came out and couldnt get into but i'm so glad that i decided to give it another chance because i love it!

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girl in the pjs said...

The beach on Christmas day sounds lovely! Wish we lived a little closer to a beach!

Karrine Beasley said...

Yep I feel so lucky to live in such an amazing place, earlier this year we moved to a house overlooking the beach so even our Christmas lunch will have an amazing view, so excited!

andy said...

very nice :)

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